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The technique articles focus on skills necessary to master windsurfing. They are written from my and others experiences with trying to master the skills listed below. In addition, the Usenet Newsgroups rec.windsurfing has also been a large source of valuable information. I hope you enjoy these articles and find them useful. If for any reason you need to contact me about these articles please send email to:


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Why Take a Lesson?: by Dave Livermore
Safety First: The FAQs
Your Setup: Finding your balance point
Beach Starts and Water Starts: When the going gets tough ...
Getting Into the Straps: Your sailing position
The Need for Speed: Losing weight on the board
Spin Out: Causes and cures
Pointing Your Way Home: The closer the better
Jibing: Don't fear commitment
Air Time: Jumping to looping
Wave Riding: Sitting on top of the world
Your Sail Quiver: Playing the percentages
Board Design: The battle of balance

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