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Welcome! to my homepage. Here you will find information on, and links to web pages on, the best sport in the world, Windsurfing. From info for Cape Cod to my sailing log, technique articles to tuning your gear, its all here. Also, keep in mind that this site is virtually forever under construction. So, check it out and pray for wind!



My Art Gallery.
My Resume.


The Windsurfing Classifieds.
Maui Windsurfing Association.
Maui Race Series
Aloha Classic Wave Championships.
Molokai Ocean Challenge.
Maui Speed Challenge Series
2006 US Windsurfing National Championships
King of the Cape Freestyle Pro-Am
Windsurfing Technique Forum.
WD40 Downwind Classic.
Cape Cod Windsurfing Association.
Cape Cod Kids Windsurfing Club.
Cape Cod Windsurfing Series.
Cape Cod Windsurfing Guide.
Send Windsurfing Electronic Greeting Cards.
Surf Art Sculpture.


Windsurfing Classifieds -- Market leader in used windsurfing classifieds.
Starboard -- Best boards available on the market today
Gaastra -- World leader in Windsurfing Sails
Fiberspar -- Race winning carbon windsurfing components


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